Garment customisation has long offered a unique opportunity for those looking to get creative with their apparel.

BLK today launched its highly-anticipated 2nd generation platform that takes customisation to an entirely new level. You’ve seen custom configurators, but never like this.

With a streamlined design process, you can now design your entire apparel range with this revolutionary platform, DYO v2.

Using ground-breaking WebGL technology, DYO v2 delivers hyper realistic 3D models at speed. DYO v2 is the next leap in online garment customisation.

BILLIONS OF COMBINATIONS: Like never before select from, garments, designs, colours, cuts, fabrics and collars. Make it yours.

HUNDREDS OF DESIGNS: Pick a design as your starting point and get creative. With rapid contact after your submission a BLK team member will provided guidance in making your design a reality.

ANY COLOUR YOU WANT: Gone are the days where you’re limited to a couple of options, BLK has expanded the palette with a giant array of colours.

MOBILE DEVICE ENABLED: With 50% of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, BLK has developed the platform to be 100% friendly and available to any device.

BLK CEO Tyron Brant said “We were the first to introduce a web based design tool more than 10 years ago. The brief to the team was not to be market leading but to change the game entirely. Being able to work directly with our developers has been an incredible experience. The technology and detail in this platform is unparalleled and will without question be a huge success”

DYO v2 breaks the mould of what has become the norm and pushes #BeyondLimitsKnown

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